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  • 兴趣爱好That was in 2019 when Border Patrol agents recovered four duffel bags carrying a total of more than 100 pounds of weed with an estimated street value of more than $100,000. In 2008, amendments to the Criminal Code with respect to impaired driving came into effect. In particular, these included the implementation of the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (DEC) and the deployment of drug recognition experts (Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse 2015) (see Text box 3). In addition, the Government of Canada is currently considering legalizing marijuana, which may have an impact on future legislation around impaired driving and on methods for detecting drug-impaired drivers (Department of Justice Canada 2016). Your request has been blocked due to a network policy. What are the stakes in the question of whether law is stagnating? Stagnation implies that the machinery of the legal system is becoming ever less capable of affordably making relevant legal distinctions. An increasing number of cases will depend on the dynamics of negotiations in the shadow of the law, and while increasing costs will cause more cases to settle, bargaining outcomes may stray quite far from what a hypothetical inexpensive legal system would require. Meritorious defendants may pay nuisance settlements, meritorious plaintiffs may accept a small amount on the dollar, and variables such as relative risk aversion and status as litigation repeat players may greatly influence amounts paid.


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